“myopia into dystopia – a glimpse into the future” What does it mean?

It means that you have found the place where I will publicly ruminate on the path of the future, and given that I am enthused by the topics of; military (jedidjah), politics (beefed) and technology (adjūtrix),  you can be sure that they will be the prevailing themes in whatever posts may follow. What is the angle? In short, the fusion of the three themes above and how each is impacted by the others.

I’m a classical-liberal, so unfortunately I don’t have much time for your self assigned group identities, or the heirarchy of oppression that assigns worth to those groups. I’m interested in you as an individual, and your liberty. As an individual. And i’m willing to speak up on behalf of your liberty, not least because doing so defends my own.

I’m also not terribly interested in achieiving the approval of others in conforming my views to the accetpable norm.

The combination… well, you might choose to take offence. I’m okay with that, because I did not give it.

4 responses to ““myopia into dystopia – a glimpse into the future” What does it mean?

  1. Hello Jeff, This is quite fascinating. Actually it is all quite too clever for me. I’m not saying you are wrong; of course not, no way. I just don’t know what your deal is. For all my own cleverness I am really only a relatively simple fellow who only knows right from what he can take a hammer to. Do you have a manifesto? Even just a hint…
    Rupert Tiger

    • my deal? 🙂

      i just like wittering on about the future of politics, military and technology.

      i equally like the history of politics, military and technology, but it makes a less exciting subject to write about given competent and professionalism historians have already got their first.

      as to a manifesto…………….. keep the government off your internet, prepare for the apocalypse and build your own computers.

      oh, and reject consoles, the devils work!

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