UK Games Industry – Cons and Lib-Dems offer tax-breaks too.

In an update to the news post less than a week ago it would appear that the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats are also in favour of tax-breaks for the UK games industry:

The party’s spokesperson for the game industry, MP Ed Vaizey, last night put an end to months of faltering support on the issue by pledging, unequivocally, that the Conservatives would back the measures straight away.

Vaizey told Develop that the Conservatives would introduce game development tax breaks in its first term, speaking in an interview after his appearance on last night’s ELSPA Pre Election Question Time debate.

Elsewhere during the Question Time event, The Liberal Democrats pledged its full support for game development tax breaks.

What does “their first budget” mean? Does it mean the emergency budget they intend to hold in the event of their election to government in May, which would be a good thing, or does it mean their first proper budget presumably due sometime in the next twelve months, which would be less appealing?

At least there is now confirmed cross-party realisation that the UK games industry is extremely valuable and deserves support against the subsidies of competing markets.

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