Jedibeeftrix Month Three – What happened in the first two.

The first article was hosted by this blog on the 13th of March 2010, just over two months ago, and there have now been thirty such posts; ten politics, ten military, and ten technology, so what have I learnt during this period?

First, that it has been an amazing time-sink, but thoroughly rewarding and enjoyable regardless, and second, that as far as hits are concerned the trend is upwards, so Jedibeeftrix is beginning to carve a niche for itself.

I am a long time web addict and have been reading continuously about current-affairs and technology on the interwebs for over a decade, but I am a creature of my Web 1.0 generation and thus needed to invent a benchmark that would define success or failure in this new hobby. Operating anonymously (even from most family and friends), and absent an audience of friends  and associates from various social networks to tap into I realised that my ambitions should be modest to begin with.

I decided that any article that achieved 100 hits would not be a failure, and any article that achieved over 250 could be judged a success, so after two months where do we stand:

I have five articles that I am happy to call a success, and a further thirteen whose impact I am at least not displeased with. As to the mix of articles, I am happy to say that there is at least one from each category with over 250 hits (two technology, two politics, and one military), of the articles that racked up over 100 hits the mix is also pretty good (two technology, five military, and six politics). Of the twelve that didn’t make the minimum standard of 100 hits, they are all updates or news articles, so I am reassured that when I take the time and effort to analyse a situation the result is of interest to you.

The other rough benchmark I set about a week after the start was the hope that I could maintain an average hits-per-day around forty, two months in I am pleased to say that the figure has grown past eighty hits-per-day and the total number of hits has broken past five thousand. I have no idea how this compares, but its a pleasing start for a nobody with some opinions he wants to share.

Next question; what can be deduced from the search terms that have brought readers to Jedibeeftrix?

The most obvious is that of the thirty-three searches regarding Kobobooks which brought readers to my article, nearly 90% of them have been regarding Digital Rights Management, guys, there is a lesson in here somewhere.

The second is that any article involving the phrase “year of linux” is going to be a hit, as over time the trickle of searches accumulates ceaselessly.

The third is that for all that Defence is not considered a vote-winning issue in the UK, a surprising number of people are interested in Britain’s future as a Great Power in the world, and most seem interested in Strategic Raiding as a method of achieving this.

One final event of note is the growing success of my first article, now two months old, regarding Cameron’s intentions towards the EU, an articles that had little exposure until the general election:

Now that Cameron is Prime Minister of Great Britain, a lot of people want to know what he is going to do about the EU, and my guess is that a lot of people are going to expect him to live up to his six EU policy pledges.

How will all this affect the future?

Well, first I have to up my ambitions; during the next four months the target for success is 500 hits, and the target to avoid failure is now 200 hits, in addition I would like to aim for an average of 100 hits-per-day. There will continue to be a steady stream articles on politics, the military and technology.

Also, that there will continue to be minor news articles or follow-ups. They are not what this site is about, Jedibeeftrix is first and foremost analysis of future outcomes, but in order for the emphasis not to become too unbalanced towards a particular theme due to current affairs (such as  General elections) I will maintain a regular rotation between politics, military and technology, even if that means throwing in a quick news article every now and then.

In Conclusion, a sincere thanks to you, the readership, it is rewarding to see a growing audience, and its still fun to put my random thoughts down on ‘paper’.



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