3D Vision Surround And The Survival Of PC Gaming – Nvidia joins the party.

In the previous article this blog looked at ATI’s multi-screen Eyefinity technology for gaming, stating that it was an example of the platform innovation that will keep PC Gaming healthy even against the rise of the Console, well now Nvidia has joined the party with its 3D Vision Surround, a combination of Nvidia’s 3D stereographic gaming technology with multi-screen gaming.

With the two major graphics chip vendors on board we can hope for broad support for multi-screen gaming in all major games releases.

HardOCP have done an excellent review of the technology from which I will provide an excerpt:

We can beat up NVIDIA all day long about it being late to the multi-display gaming party, but we already know that so there is no reason to harp on it. What I can say is that we are thankful that NVIDIA was focused firmly on getting a quality product out the door instead of making all the critics happy by meeting its self-imposed delivery date in April. I have had a lot of experience with multi-display gaming since AMD released its Eyefinity Technology last year. Multi-display gaming kicks ass; I absolutely love it! I am tremendously excited to see NVIDIA enter the fray with its product. From my short time spent with NVIDIA’s new 3D Vision Surround BETA driver, it looks to be a very polished piece of software. The driver does not give me that “rushed-to-market” feel at all. There is a great joke there, but let’s stay focused.

NVIDIA has done a great job with its NV 3D Vision Surround driver implementation. It is a solid product that makes multi-display and 3D gaming easy and almost transparent to the end user. Surely now that NVIDIA is on board, we can hope that AMD and NVIDIA work toward making multi-display gaming an “open” reality for the PC gaming industry. PC gaming needs a champion technology like this to breathe some lifeblood back into it. As for that 3D stuff, well, I say save your $200 on shutter glasses and buy another display. Of course, your mileage may vary.

I am sceptical about 3D gaming, as too many people find that the 3D effect either doesn’t work properly or gives them eye-strain, not to mention the irritation of any system based on glasses, but it is a useful additional option to multi-screen gaming if that is deemed desirable.

Yes it is a niche technology, not everyone even wants to play on three screens, regardless of whether they can justify the cost, but it is one more example of the inherent flexibility of the PC as a gaming platform, and it is one that is sure to have a long term future now that both AMD and Nvidia are on board.

4 responses to “3D Vision Surround And The Survival Of PC Gaming – Nvidia joins the party.

  1. Wants 9 screens for Supreme Commander!!!!
    I read they were thinking of doing something like this years ago, be interesting to see what other technology is needed to support it.

    From your last article, not a lot.
    Hmm, new graphics card for birthday and new monitors for christmass may be on the way

  2. Yes, I have a 2GB 5870 card which can support three monitors in Eyefinity, if I discover that the performance in Armed Assault 2 is good enough for my card to drive three 24″ monitors then I will buy the third.

  3. Well, My PC is back in the land of the living, but it looks like I’ll need a new PSU, motherboard, two new graphics cards and two more monitors.
    Might just have to wait a few years for this to migrate down to the budget cards that dont need funky SLI

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