Jedibeeftrix Month Seven – What happened in previous four.

The first article was hosted by this blog on the 13th of March 2010, just over six months ago, and there have now been fifty-seven such posts; nineteen politics, nineteen military, and nineteen technology, so what have I learnt during this period?

First, that it has not been possible to keep up my early pace of publishing, there have actually been slightly less articles in this period despite it being twice the length of time, but it remains thoroughly rewarding and enjoyable regardless, and second, that as far as hits are concerned the trend is upwards, so Jedibeeftrix is continueing to carve a niche for itself.

What are the headline stats; well the site as a whole has had just shy of 25,000 hits, five thousand of which have been for the homepage, and the hits-per-day have reached 134, exceeding the target of 100:

The target for  what would be deemed a successful article was arbitrarily set at 500 page views with the intention of achieving more than the five in the first two months. The result for the last four months was twelve, with the Nokia article gaining over 3000 views. Lesson here; write posts involving shiny computer graphics renderings of anticipated gadgets.

The target for  what would be deemed an article that was not a failure was arbitrarily set at 200 page views with the intention of achieving more than the thirteen in the first two months. The result for the last four months was twenty-two, with a strong showing from the Britain’s Future Strategic Direction series. Lesson here; smaller audience than for technology and politics articles but broad interest in the subject.

Are there articles that have not received the attention that I might have hoped? Yes, three in particular:

Of Con-Dem Mergers and The Trident Replacement Was this too far of the reservation for some, this site is about analysing future trends, was this verging into conspiracy theory?

Warfighting And Peacekeeping – An idea for Hague’s joined up foreign policy This one I considered to be a genuinely good idea, but its obviously not a widely held view. 😀

Great Games Made Legendary – DLC and the death of modding. Did too many begin gaming after the main era of modding, or even begin their gaming on net enabled consoles?

On the matter of searches that have brought new people to the site the reigning champion is again Kobobooks; with over 120 searches involving “Kobo” & “DRM” and around 65 searches for “Kobo” & “Linux”. Guys, there is a lesson here somewhere……..

As far as referrals are concerned Think Defence lead the field with 700 transfers from their front page alone, thank you to the Think Defence community, many of you have commented on my articles here and responded to my comments there, and it has greatly improved my understanding of military matters.

There have been over 150 comments from readers to date, with a similar number of replies from myself, my thanks to you all, most especially to those who have disagreed with me. 😀

How will all this affect the future?

Well, first I have to up my ambitions; during the next four months the target for success is 1000 hits, and the target to avoid failure is now 400 hits, with the intention of getting more of each than in the previous period. In addition I would like to aim for an average of 160 hits-per-day. There will continue to be a steady stream articles on politics, the military and technology.

Also, that there will continue to be minor news articles or follow-ups. They are not what this site is about, Jedibeeftrix is first and foremost analysis of future outcomes, but they have successfully allowed me to keep the balance of the site via a regular rotation between politics, military and technology, even if that means throwing in a quick news article every now and then.

In Conclusion, a sincere thanks to you, the readership, it is rewarding to see a growing audience, and its still fun to put my random thoughts down on ‘paper’. Next up is the twelve month mark.



8 responses to “Jedibeeftrix Month Seven – What happened in previous four.

  1. I am amazed how you and the likes of young James Daly managed to get so much high quality content out on the webs. I prefer commenting because I can fire from the hip and speak rubbish.

    I hope you continue for a long while yet. Though I think I am going to have to start reading up again on defence matters like I did in the 90s and early 2000s.

    • Thank you. Though i confess it was easier at the start because there was a backlog of ideas for topics to explore, i was surprised to find that i wrote more in the first two months than the second four.

      It has put rather a large dent in gaming as free-time has been diverted, a shame when i have just built a fairly awesome PC, but it is forcing me to do more military reading myself so it all balances out i guess.

      The military stuff in particular is driven by the comments and responses of you guys, so please keep it up, and please continue to criticise. 🙂

      p.s. who is james daly?

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