Jedibeeftrix Month Thirteen – What happened in previous six.

The first article was hosted by this blog on the 13th of March 2010, just over twelve months ago, and there have now been seventy-eight such posts; twenty-six politics, twenty-six military, and twenty-six technology, so what have I learnt during this period?

First, that although I started this blog because I wanted to make a difference in the General Election and the Defence Review, this has been my best month despite the lull in writing during December and January. Second, that I met a lot of thoroughly excellent people over the last year, people who have commented here, or people whom I have met in discussions elsewhere, thank you all. Third, that in conversing with this myriad of ‘others’ I have learnt an enormous amount, if only by dint of your dogged perseverance. Much obliged.

What are the headline stats; well the site as a whole has had just shy of 60,000 hits, fifteen thousand of which have been for the homepage, and the hits-per-day have reached 172 in 2011, exceeding the target of 160.

The target for  what would be deemed a successful article was arbitrarily set at 1000 page views with the intention of achieving more than the twelve in months two to six. The result for the last six months was twelve again, with the OpenGL and Nokia articles doing particularly well. Lesson here; write posts involving shiny computer graphics renderings of anticipated gadgets and never be afraid of using the phrase “year of linux” prefixed with the year following.

The target for  what would be deemed an article that was not a failure was arbitrarily set at 400 page views with the intention of achieving more than the twenty-two in months two to six. The result for the last six months was twenty-three, with a strong showing from the military/foreign-policy articles. Lesson here; smaller audience than for technology and politics articles but broad interest in the subject.

Are there articles that have not received the attention that I might have hoped? Yes, three in particular:

The AV Referendum – What does Clegg really want? Was this too far of the reservation for some, this site is about analysing future trends, was this verging into conspiracy theory?

The Ipod Nano As Part Of The Family – Responding to push notifications This one I considered to be a genuinely good idea, but its obviously not a widely held view. :D

SDSR – Overspent & underfunded, huge chops for a minor cut. I wanted this one to do well if only because too many of the public are unwilling to actively support defence, and yet make a fuss when shiny ‘toys’ disappear, the causation really should be apparent.

On the matter of searches that have brought new people to the site the reigning champion is now “Linux+2011”, although “Kobobooks” is still doing well, and both “MeeGo” and “SDSR” doing moderately well. Its also worth noting that nearly 1000 people have come to the site after searching for Jedibeeftrix, and that this blog dominates the first page results of google for “Strategic Raiding”, and gets within the top ten for “linux 2011”.

As far as referrals are concerned Think Defence lead the field with 2870 transfers alone, thank you again to the Think Defence community, many of you have commented on my articles here and responded to my comments there, and it has greatly improved my understanding of military matters. I am very aware of all the referrals from other blogs that I value for their content, so my thanks for your hard work too.

In return, I believe I have helped push people to those same blogs given our shared subjects of interest.

There have been over 300 comments from readers to date, with a similar number of replies from myself, my thanks to you all, most especially to those who have disagreed with me. :D

How will all this affect the future?

Well, first I have to up my ambitions; during the next twelve months the target for success is 2000 hits, and the target to avoid failure is now 800 hits, with the intention of getting more of each than in the previous period. In addition I would like to aim for an average of 200 hits-per-day, and a new Charlie-Sheen category of WIN requiring 5000 hits. There will continue to be a steady stream articles on politics, the military and technology.

Also, that there will continue to be minor news articles or follow-ups. They are not what this site is about, Jedibeeftrix is first and foremost analysis of future outcomes, but they have successfully allowed me to keep the balance of the site via a regular rotation between politics, military and technology, even if that means throwing in a quick news article every now and then.

What do I feel is my greatest achievement? Without question being commissioned by Critical Reaction to write my piece on the Defence Review in the days before it was released. An article that has stood the test of time rather well I feel, not least because of the vast amount of reading it required in the writing.

In Conclusion, a sincere thanks to you, the readership, it is rewarding to see a growing audience, and its still fun to put my random thoughts down on ‘paper’. Next up is the two year mark.



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