Why we’re doing this – Cod101

We’re going to be good neighbours.

2 responses to “Why we’re doing this – Cod101

  1. This is a brilliant post that goes to the very heart of what Brexit means. “It is a moral strategic question of who you want to be, and whether your current path will achieve this.” There is much else in this post that is very good but that one quotation is the whole argument in a nutshell.

    It is fortunate indeed that the Continuity Remain mindset was not in the ascendancy in 1940. Britain would have heeded the “last appeal to reason”.

    The best and only way for Britain to unite after the referendum verdict is to regain our independence, then build a relationship with “Europe” based on what we have in common. Which is much. Rather than Britain being cast in the role of the EU’s “problem child” even if, as Jedibeeftrix accurately notes, Britain was a most useful front man and cat’s paw for discreetly like-minded EU members.

  2. Thank you, Howard. I keep on bumping into this misunderstanding; the slightly knowing smile when we talk of the complexities of custom union talks, etc. The implication; “you didn’t think it’d be like this did you?”

    Well, yes. I remember exactly what Greece went through, to name but one example.

    Yes, it is complicated, but do [you] think i went down this path for easy larfs?

    Yes, it is a shame, but do [you] think i’m willing to be party of a club that treats the euro-outs the way that Belgium did?

    Somehow, we’re talking past each other…

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