Thoughts On Chequers – Goods and security

By no means detailed, but better left here for posterity than elsewhere in the shifting ether of the internet.


Seems pretty reasonable, very reasonable in fact!

Excellent: “In keeping with the spirit of Article 50, and both sides’ commitment to the principle that ‘nothing is agreed until everything is agreed’, the Withdrawal Agreement and the framework for the future relationship are inextricably linked-concluded together”

Suspected as much: “These arrangements, which could take the form of an [Association Agreement], would ensure the new settlement is sustainable – working for the citizens of the UK and the EU now and in the future.”

Tee-hee, what’s the phrase – nothing is agreed until… “Europe’s security has been and will remain the UK’s security, which is why the Government has made an unconditional commitment to maintain it.” … everything is agreed!

Clever – given the progressivist nature of EU social democracy, they will diverge from us rather than us from them: “reciprocal commitments to maintain current high standards through non-regression provisions in other areas, such as environmental and employment.”

So, they don’t collect, we just deduct from remittances sent on to the EU? “tariff revenue formula, taking account of goods destined for the UK entering via the EU. However, the UK is not proposing that the EU applies the UK’s tariffs and trade policy at its border”

Two bites at the cherry? I presume we’d also have individual membership at the likes of UNECE: “UK would also seek participation – as an active participant, albeit without voting rights–in EU technical committees that have a role in designing and implementing rules”

Careful, you could get Corbyn! “The UK has an excellent record on compliance, and has been among the lowest granters of state aid as a proportion of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the EU. In 2016 the UK gave 0.3% of GDP as state aid, half the EU average of 0.7%.”

ROFL, virtually nothing flies over Ireland that hasn’t already flown over the UK, geddit? “the UK’s geographical position in the network is key, with around 80 per cent of all North Atlantic traffic passing through UK or Irish controlled airspace.”

Don’t lose sight of the fact that the UK is a security exporter! “UK created over 1.4 million alerts on SIS II. UK authorities registered almost 10,000 hits against alerts put on the system by other countries,many of which were related to people linked to terrorism”

This exposes why regulatory sovereignty on services is necessary, it’s a foreign policy WMD: “Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Act provides for national powers to impose sanctions. These powers will enable the UK to act in support of foreign policy objectives.”

Galileo and Trumpian sympathy for accepting the security but rejecting the invoice: “The EU has put forward proposals which have the effect of ending UK participation. UK and the EU must work through issues relating to access to security-related elements urgently”

Rejecting the Swiss guillotine: “Joint Committee should consider the possibility to recognise equivalence of legislation. Where there was no agreement over these measures, or they were not possible, the relevant part of the future relationship could be suspended.”

Trying to dodge the CJEU’s penchant for judicial activism in pursuit of ever-closer-union? “The CJEU would only have a role in relation to the interpretation of those EU rules to which the UK had agreed to adhere as a matter of international law.”

This is relevant to all areas covered by the common rulebook, but what about many of the many areas that are not? Efta… “The UK recognises that only the CJEU can bind the EU on the interpretation of EU law, and therefore in these instances”

Efta again…? “However, there may be times where unexpected events mean that the parties need to respond quickly, and with provisions that would otherwise be in breach of the agreements. Any measures would be subject to challenge through independent arbitration.”

Seems perfectly acceptable, but let’s see what it looks like out the other end of the sausage machine. Perhaps hopeful that May seems to have sewn up a deal with Merkel, but Merkel has already screwed up once, with cameron in the renegotiation in January 2016!

Update 18/07/2018 – Flying to Ireland – Re: the point above.

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