2015 SDSR/NSS- five days to submit your thoughts

The 23rd of October is the deadline to submit your thoughts on the opportunities and threats to be considered in the 2015 National Security Strategy and Strategic Defence and Security Review. Get cracking, make your 1500 characters count!


What did I say?

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Labours problem and the Lib-Dem opportunity.

Conventional wisdom says that the Lib-Dem’s are done as a third-force in British politics, opinion polls have them down to single digits, they are vilified for back-tracking on their manifesto commitment to student top-up fees (ironically the result of the consensual coalition carve-up style of politics they advocate), and they are beginning to realise that for all the ministerial positions the thrust of the policy narrative is blue in hue. Surely the end is nigh?

This blog takes the view that things are not so bad as they appear.

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The SDSR 2010 – What dare we hope for 2015?

The SDSR was never going to be satisfactory, the perpetual wars during declining budgetary prominence was always going to result in a car-crash, and sure enough that crash arrived with the financial crisis in 2008. This has resulted was a lot of unsatisfactory decisions, mostly due to the (correct) commitment to the Afghan mission conflicting for the desire for a force structure for 2020 and beyond, but did we avoid making the difficult choices demanded by RUSI in the FDR paper; capability cost trends?

What that is recognisable can we pull out of the rubble?

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