Crimea And The Folly Of A Fading Empire – Hitting the buffers

Ukraine is an endless source of fun. The play-thing of a Mad God and yet safely removed from the possibility of further Western Adventures. But, perhaps this time Putin has overplayed his hand, forcing a response that Russia’s petro-export economy can ill afford.


Perhaps not. Rather a price that has been judged worth paying:

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Britain In The World – Hague’s Tokyo speech.

William Hague’s second speech detailing British foreign policy goals was given in Tokyo, and it was no accident, it focused on economic goals and in particular Britain’s aim to secure the national interest by maximising British economic potential. There are many interesting parallels between Britain and Japan, and certainly Japan’s place as the worlds second largest economy and its most technologically advanced are worthy of Britain’s attention, but it is its geographic situation that is paramount.

Japan is a proxy for British history in this situation.

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