At the gates of (climate) hell – The 5th IPCC report needs a sane policy response.

This blog makes no apologies for its scepticism of the IPCC consensus of catastrophic anthropogenic CO2 induced climate change, it has been driven by the default distrust of sloppy science, overconfidence in an incomplete understanding, and activists pushing policy before science, but it endeavours not to be dogmatic.

In short, one can be sceptical without being narrow-minded.

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At the gates of (climate) hell – Why it might be a good thing to take a step back.

This post has been filed under “politics” for a reason, because this blog does not dispute the following:

  1. That climate change is always happening, and the recent historical temperature record has shown significant warming
  2. That climate change has frequently been both rapid and severe, which by definition makes it catastrophic to species
  3. That feedback mechanisms, both positive and negative, work to accelerate or mitigate the scale and rate of change
  4. That humans are a climate feedback mechanism, and will have an impact on the state of climate equilibrium
  5. That CO2 is a Greenhouse Gas, and that anthropogenic CO2 is by definition anthropogenic climate change
  6. That it may yet come to pass that we, as a species, are proven to be responsible for causing catastrophic climate change

Where this blog heads of into wild and uncharted territory is in its present conviction that:

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