The Ipod Nano As Part Of The Family – Responding to push notifications

The Ipod Nano could be so much more. While it is a lovely personal media player in its own right, Apple has created a family of larger devices which are (becoming) less portable, so wouldn’t it be nice if the Nano could receive push-notifications and provide basic interaction with its larger kin?

For some reason they haven’t done this so far, but will they in future?

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Ipad/Air – Apple segments the mobile market.

This blog has long hoped that Apple would produce an 11.6” macbook, judging it to be the perfect compromise between portability and power, and now one has arrived to a largely positive response. As a tech enthusiast one can admire the streamlined and powerful design of Apple OS’s, conversely, as an open-platform geek one can reject the walled-garden Apple likes to enforce, thus leaving an abiding respect for the excellence of their hardware design. Where Apple treads consumer demand often follows, and in this instance the ill-defined mobile-tech market is about to coalesce, the results of which will be seen in the second half of 2011.

The tablet/netbook crossover is about to have a much sharper edge.

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The problem with ebook services – How Kobo doesn’t get it quite right.

Kobo has recently joined the Royal Rumble between Apple’s ipad ebook service and Amazon’s Kindle, and it’s interesting because it allows more flexibility than is usually the case by relying on Adobe’s Digital Editions DRM, a fact that allows for PC and Mac clients, support for various ebook devices, and a host of client apps for smart-phones.

Kobo is certainly the least restrictive ebook service I have yet found, and is to be applauded for that reason. On the other hand this DRM severely restricts the usage of the content; where is Linux support, why can’t i read Kobo media on the Kindle I have already bought, and why isn’t there a Kobo app for my Maemo smart-phone? The fact that Kobo use the .epub format would otherwise be commendable, instead the advantage of an open-format is irrelevant because it is riddled with DRM.

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