Nokia N9 UK Availability On Contract – It is up to the carriers.

In response to an enterprising fellow on the maemo forums who asked Stephen Elop about N9 availability in the UK, this blog thought it would try and sharpen up the response by sending off another email asking specifically about carrier availability.

Mr Elop very obligingly replied.

My email sent this afternoon:

Dear Mr Elop,

Please understand that I am not writing to you to rant about the WP7 direction, I accept the fact that Nokia did not believe Meego would bring them the level of success deemed necessary, rather I am worried that Nokia’s WP7 marketing strategy will prevent me from acquiring a Nokia N9 on a typical carrier subsidised contract within the UK.

I have no doubt that I will be able to buy an N9 from etailers such as, etc, but the N900 which I have happily used since its UK launch was £450 sim-free when it arrived, whereas my T-mobile contract with an unlocked handset was £110 upfront followed by eighteen payments of £20, or £470 in total. I am very keen to own and use a Nokia N9 but question why, in the UK, I would willingly pay the RRP for a phone when I can get it along with eighteen months of calls, texts and internet for £20 more.

I understand that you would urge me to have a closer look at Nokia’s new, and no doubt innovative, WP7 handsets that will be arriving in the near future, but I remain uninterested in them just as I remain uninterested in iPhones or Android phones. I merely seek reassurance that Nokia’s UK product support for the N9 will not preclude UK carriers from offering this handset on contract?

If you can offer this reassurance then I will be a very happy person, and can promise to remain a happy Nokia customer for years to come.

Kind regards


The response just a few hours later:

Hello there,

I can’t comment on what specific operators may or may not do in each country – many of those decisions are happening right now for the latter part of the year. In all cases, the operators will make decisions about which products will be made available, with which rate plans, etc.  Each operator in each country only has so many “slots”, and they divide those up between ourselves and our competitors, and within Nokia they can mix between N9, Windows Phone, Symbian, etc.  Right now, many of the larger operators are showing a strong preference towards WP…



Here is a screenshot of the email:

It was a pretty straight question, and it appears to be a pretty straight answer, which if considered as such reads: The carriers will decide whether the N9 is available on contract, not us.

If it remains a carrier decision, and nothing in Nokia’s (lack of) specific-market support inhibits their choice, then this blogger will remain a happy chap.

Fingers crossed!

Update – Further clarification

Thank you very much for the swift reply, it is greatly appreciated.

Just to quickly clarify; do I understand correctly that the availability of N9 handsets on carrier-contracts in the UK will be determined by carrier interest in the N9, vis-a-vis other Nokia smartphone handsets, and not by Nokia themselves?

I am quite content that the N9 compete for the attention of carriers.

To which the reply came:

Ultimately, the operator makes all decisions about which products they make available.

Thank you Mr Elop, this may not quite be my dream outcome for Nokia/Meego, but as long as you do not stand in my way I shan’t complain.

27 responses to “Nokia N9 UK Availability On Contract – It is up to the carriers.

  1. I don’t care for mobile phones at all. But I think the N9 hardware looks attractive. As much as mobile phone can look attractive. I think its the colours.

    • i wasn’t a mobile person either, using a £10 nokia disposable on pay-as-you-go for many years, then i realised a decent smartphone could keep tapped into the intranets 24/7. been hooked ever since. 😀

      • I don’t think Think Defence would like me commenting on his site at any given point of time through out the day. He doesn’t like me doing it from a PC…….. 😉

        Some of the Android / SSH stuff looks interesting.

        To be honest I wouldn’t mind making ‘phone calls from a tablet. Being odd it makes more sense to me.

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  3. The main custormers of Nokia are of course operators. As such and as said in the answer of Mr Elop, they ultimately choose what they want. But as a vendor, Nokia has several possibilities to not push a phone : he can make it unavailable, or being more subtle can put some conditions : price, number of available handset (I mean at launch for instance, or time between commands and delivery …)

    • The purpose of my question was to ascertain whether it would be available to operators to choose from, i.e.

      Dear Sir,
      we cannot offer the N9 on contract because that product is only certified for retail support from Nokia in the UK, which does give carriers such as ourselves a sufficient level of warranty-cover to offer replacement to cover loss and damage to our subscribers.

      Yes i just made that up, but you see what i mean?

  4. ” I have happily used since its UK launch was £450 sim-free when it arrived”
    Bleepin ‘ell!

    My E72 was free, on a 2yr £17 a month contract!
    Admitadly, 100 txts OR minutes, and 500mb internet, but I’ve never gone over.

    I too was a “whats your cheapest PAYG” guy, and then one day, I just thought, what the hell. I havent looked back.
    Now I’m public transporting, I only wish I’d delayed a year to get something more entertainment focussed. a 2″ screen is fine for web browsing, no, really, but kinda sucks for watching B5.

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  8. so has everyone emailed their networks to say they want the N9 from them? if its down to the networks, we need to generate an unprecedented demand. if the networks get a record amount of emails requesting the n9, are they going to ignore us and do what nokia want them to do?

    • i certainly will using the links you have provided, good blog by the way.

      is that your bike? looks a lot like my FSR-XC……….

      edit – on looking at the gravatar image it’s a pitch, nice, always wanted one. 🙂

      • cheers, yer its a pitch, only had it a few weeks, cracked the old enduro!!

        as for the N9, who knows what difference we can make? but not trying to get it to the uk shouldn’t be an option!

      • nice, always like the pitch.

        just got an LG Optimus Black P970 as a T-mobile upgrade, should help to subsidise the cost of an N9 which i have pretty much given up hoping to see on contract. 😀

    • No release in the US, as dear Mr Elop just wants to push WP7 crap down everyones throats.

      Although he supposedly works for Nokia, trust me his real bosses are in the US, and they want WP7 to be the next biggest thing, not Meego.

      So you like many thousands of others all over the world will NOT be able to buy the N9 locally, only from a select few markets or online.

      A very sad time when a lot of people want this handset and it could turn the fortunes of nokia around, but they don`t want that to happen, if WP7 fails, which it will as no one I know wants it, Nokia`s share prices will fall so much they as a company will be virtually worthless, then Microsoft will buy the company!

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    • N9 received, and I can tell you now that it is a joy to use!

      Particularly like that nokia store payments can be charged to your mobile bill, so no need to input payment details separately. It just works!

      Also hoping the open-source apps-for-meego repositories is enabled for the N9 shortly, lots of Qt software i want to try out.

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